This is to inform you that, we have a lot of exciting news for you on this NEW YEAR 2019.

We have planned our own cryptocurrency on the name of COINRIE & the ticker will be “CRE”. Regarding this we will update you on late stage by separate Email notification. We know that you also have a question in your mind, why we introduce this cryptocurrency? So answer for your question is we plan our own advertisement platform in which all type of industry & media can participate for promotion of its business with us & our native cryptocurrency will be used as major payment method. So our cryptocurrency COINRIE (CRE) will be used in our platform on initial stage & later on this will be used on other tradition places also.

The Big NEWS is we are not going to conduct any kind of ICO to sell our cryptocurrency, neither private nor public sale. Our cryptocurrency is free on this stage & you can accumulate as much you can. How you can accumulate is?

Signup Bonus: 50 CRE
Referral Bonus: 50 CRE

Example: New user & Direct Sponsor both will get 50 CRE each,
New Signup will Get 50 CRE & he/she refer 100 person through his affiliate link,
100X50=5000+50 as sign up = you will get 5050 Coins absolutely free.

 COINRIE (CRE) Value will $0.10 each on initial stage & when we launch on external exchange this can be $1 or $10 even.

Don’t forget about other major free airdrop like ONT, ONT was not sold as ICO. ONT was also given as free & later on stage of external exchange ONT was reach to $8. Means who receive 1000 ONT as free was reach to $8000 worth.

So Coinrie is again Biggest Opportunity for you all. Build you team to accumulate free COINRIE “CRE”. AS BIG AS YOU BUILD YOUR TEAM, WILL GET MORE COINRIE (CRE) ABSOLUTLEY FREE

Regarding technical specification, we will email you separately.

Happy Passive & Free Earning With COINRIE

Team CoinRIE

Consulting is the heart of our business, and our consultants are the heartbeat.